We are
the Walls.

We believe meaningful impact is achieved through sustainable, relational, long-term missions both locally & globally.

In the last 15 years, our work has taken us to garbage dumps in Guatemala, native lands in South Dakota, and homeless & rehabilitation shelters across New Jersey.

Additionally, Beyond the Walls exists to encourage, empower and inspire volunteers "to whom much is given" to be agents of change in under-resourced communities by connecting them to relational, hands-on service.

of calling.

From dinner conversation to international service.

What started as a casual conversation between friends has turned into a calling.

Beyond the Walls began at a dinner table and has expanded across the globe to include hundreds of volunteers, donors, supporters, and partners from New Jersey to Florida, South Dakota, Germany, Lebanon, Guatemala.

We've built homes, schools, wells and changed lives - both of the people we serve and our volunteers in service.

Dinner Table with two plates of food on it


This pursuit of long term, sustainable, relational change for those with less - which started more than 15 years ago - has become more than a mission, but a passion for justice.


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