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Market Street Mission

Morristown, NJ

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Market Street Mission

Since 1889, the Mission has been a refuge for those facing poverty, homelessness and addiction. As one of our longest standing partners we have stood beside MSM in their mission to surround our homeless, hungry and those struggling with addiction with everything they need to get back on their feet – food and shelter, counseling, and job training – to live stable, productive lives in our community.

What we do

We partner with Market Street to support their Life Change Program, Thrift Store, and much more.


Reconciling people with their loved ones and strengthening family relationships

Food & Shelter

Over 200 meals & 90 shelter stays each day for those in immediate need

Thrift Store

Every donation made means low-income people in our community have a place to shop.


8-12 months of recovery programs, education and vocational training for those rebuilding their lives

Get Involved

Join us to help change lives right here in our backyard!

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I had become a shell of a person...but Market Street liberated me from drugs, alcohol, anxiety, and depression.

Market Street Graduate